The Australian Defence Force and Commonwealth Government have proposed that a new employment categeory should be established in the ADF Reserves – that of a Combat Paramedic.

It had been identified that a requirement for a higher level of pre-hospitalisation care at the point of injury than the Combat Medical Attendant currently provides. The ADF also noted that Army has also identified a shortfall within the Reserve Health Capability to generate a robust and enduring evacuation capability. The establishment of the Combat Paramedic employment category will assist Army to meet these capability requirements.

The Parties submitted that the Combat Paramedic will be a Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) soldier who is employed in the Reserves and will provide basic clinical and independent emergency care in normal and austere environments to supported forces. The Combat Paramedic will be able to provide a high degree of primary first aid at the point of injury, control and manage the evacuation of a patient (including the ongoing life-saving measures required to sustain life until resuscitation/emergency surgery), and contribute in a clinical capacity as part of a resuscitation team.

Combat Paramedics will be recruited with pre-existing civilian paramedic qualifications, and will be employed under their civil scope of practice.