New Zealand Earthquake

It seems unbelievable that I am writing to you again so soon after the floods in Australia to express our sense of shock and sadness at the terrible events in Christchurch.

It is clear from news reports that the New Zealand emergency services are being supported by their counterparts from Australian states and indeed from other parts of the world including the United Kingdom.

I would be grateful if you would convey to your colleagues in New Zealand, and those from supporting services, the thoughts of the members of the College of Paramedics here in the UK.   Yet again, we send our heartfelt sympathies as you confront the disaster in Christchurch.   We are very much aware there will be a great deal of anguish yet to come as it appears many people are still missing.  Our thoughts go out to all those who have been directly affected by this tragic event and to those who are working so hard in the rescue effort.  We are also aware that many emergency services personnel and healthcare workers will have suffered greatly in this terrible disaster.

Our sincerest thoughts are with your colleagues and our counterparts at this most difficult of times.

Yours sincerely

Andy Newton


College of Paramedics

United Kingdom

25 February 2011

The full copy of this letter is available here: 250211 – NZ Earthquake