The ACAP Board met in Melbourne on Friday 18th February 2010. This was the scheduled board meeting.

The meetings covered issues associated with:

  • the restructure and the mechanisms required from the Board to ensure that this continues to meet it project timelines
  • The submission to the NSW Legislative Council, General Purpose Standing Committee No.2 – Review of the implementation of the GPSC2 Report into the management and operations of the Ambulance Service of NSW, October 2008
  • 2010 National Conference in Perth
  • Membership of representative committees such as the Australian Resuscitation Council
  • Report from the Australian Health Care Reform Agenda (AHCRA) on their meeting with Health Minister Roxon

There was extensive discussion facilitated by the Board Advisor on registration (Ray Bange) around the requirements of the board in relation to continuing to progress the issue of paramedic registration.

The next board meeting will be held on 6th May 2010 in Alice Springs.