November 6, 2015 will go down in history as the landmark day it was agreed for Australian paramedics to be nationally registered.

Please see the attached official Communique from the COAG Health Ministers’ meeting held today. We can further confirm that Jill Hennessy, Victorian Minister for Health, took the lead, presenting a paper on the case for national registration of paramedics and urging her colleagues to support her position. Although there was some opposition from the Federal Health Minister, two of our long term supporters in WA Health Minister Kim Hames and SA Health Minister Jack Snelling gave compelling arguments in favour of national registration.

This is a defining development for our profession and has only come about due the sustained, strategic and proficient advocacy campaign PA has undertaken over a ten year period. The work of many individuals has contributed to this result and in particular I would like to thank Ian Patrick, Alan Eade, Richard Larsen and also Dr Louise Morauta and Ray Bange. I would also like to thank the membership across Australia who never gave up and supported us and enabled the continued momentum for national registration.

It is anticipated that national registration won’t be active until sometime in 2017 and in the meantime we have a great deal of work to be done in this exciting period. We have already been in discussions today with the lead government department tasked with developing the policy around Paramedic National Registration by March 2016 and have assured the team of our support and input in the coming months. In this process as we map the way forward we will continue our practice of involving and consulting with members in all jurisdictions to ensure the best possible registration program for our profession. I am confident that PA has the expertise amongst the membership to enable the organisation to evolve and transition as required to robustly support paramedics in the future registered professional environment.