Are you Danish or a Danish speaking paramedic? Want to be on TV?

Paramedics Australasia has been approached by the Danish television production company, Gong. Gong produce primetime tv-programme for the Danish TV channels.

They are currently researching for a new tv-programme about Danish or Danish speaking paramedics/medics/doctors working in foreign countries – especially in the ambulance services. The program will show the daily life of the persons, mainly at work, but also when they are together with their family, at home etc.

In order to realize this project, Gong is looking to make contact with Danes or Danish speaking paramedics in Australasia, and has requested Paramedics Australasia to assist with this.

If you are Danish, or Danish speaking, and you wish to participate or find out more about the production please contact Gong Media directly using the details below:

Niels Due-Boje. TV reporter, Gong Media. Email:

More information about Gong:

We are a part of The Northern Alliance Group which is one of Scandinavia’s largest TV production companies. Together with our sister companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland we aim to be the most creative and innovative media production company in the Nordics. The executive group at Gong are experienced tv people who have produced prime time television since the mid-90’s. We know that stories have to be told with great passion – whether we are producing big live entertainment, reality shows or factual entertainment series.