ACAP Special Interest Group joins National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA)

At its annual public Seminar held in Canberra on 30th August the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) announced that the Rural and Remote Special Interest Group of ACAP (R&R SIG) had become a member of the Alliance.

This development comes after an application for membership by the R&R SIG following identification of the NRHA as an appropriate body with which to develop stronger links. Nearly 40% of the current ACAP membership lives in postcode areas classified as rural or remote and there is a strong community of interest between paramedic practitioners and their rural and remote communities.

The NRHA is an influential group comprising 31 organisations, each a national representative body in its own right.  The Alliance was established to promote equity in health for rural, regional and remote Australia, with the vision of achieving equivalent health and wellbeing for all Australians by the year 2020.

Almost one in three Australians live in parts of Australia classified as regional, rural or remote and the provision of health services in these areas remains below the level of major cities in terms of equity of access and availability.

“Membership of the NRHA will enhance the profession’s opportunities to contribute to rural and remote health service development” explained ACAP President Ian Patrick.

“Membership of the Alliance should expand the ways in which the special interest group of ACAP can promote better policy recognition, funding and understanding of the role of paramedics and the delivery of EMS as part of an integrated health system across Australia”

As an NRHA member the ACAP-R&R SIG will have an opportunity to contribute to important initiatives and projects to enhance consumer health in rural and remote areas.  It joins a well established group whose members incorporate a range of organisations representing health professionals, service providers, consumers, educators and researchers.

“ACAP welcomes this opportunity” said Ian Patrick “We look forward to contributing to and working with the NRHA to develop a better health service for all people living in rural and remote areas.”

For more information on rural health and the role of NRHA you can visit their website at: