Two ACAP members are off to the ACAP National Conference after being the lucky winners of the prizes on offer for members who had purchased from the ACAP Paramedic Shop over the past year.  The lucky winners were excited when they were phoned with the good news at the close of shop business on Thursday 9th September.

“Oh that’s great news!” said the first winner drawn from the barrel, Wendy Sargant.  Wendy had made her lucky purchase of a Littmann’s stethoscope from the ACAP Paramedic Shop in February this year and returned her completed entry form to go in the barrel.

Another two winners were drawn from the barrel, however, after checking membership records, they were not members!  “Can i join ACAP now and take the prize?” asked one of the entrants, only to be very disappointed when told “No, sorry, got to be an ACAP member!”

Our second lucky confirmed ACAP member to win one of the prizes was Laurence Ionnou.  “Really? That’s great!” exclaimed Laurence, before realising he had something important to do first before accepting the prize.  “I should check with my wife first and I’ll get back to you shortly!”  Needless to say Laurence confirmed his acceptance of the prize not long after.

Both winners have received return airfares to Perth, accommodation for the conference duration, conference fees and conference dinner tickets.

“We have had a really good response to this year’s competition with many members sending in their entry forms after making a purchase from the ACAP Paramedic Shop” said shop employee Kent Nakaphio.  Kent also went on to say thank you to all of the members who had made purchases from their shop and had sent in their entry forms.